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Super Affordable headphone: Status Audio HD One Lightweight Headphones Classic Black Red

image-8906Pros: If you are looking for stylish headphones similar to Beats headphone with much better quality in much lower price, These headphones are for you. The sound is highly clear and pleasantly balanced tat expect from headphones in the class of  Sennheiser and AKG more info... Status Audio HD One Lightweight Headphones Classic ...

highly comfortable Headphone: gold August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo NFC Headphones

image-8915Pros: It provides super punchy delightful bass Satisfying enough battery life : 10 hours surprisingly comfortable and relaxed when you wear. more info... august-ep650-bluetooth-wireless-stereo-nfc-headphones-with-3-5mm-rechargeable-battery-and-built-in-microphone-for-mobile-phones-iphone-ipad-laptops-tablets-smartphones-gold> more info... august-ep650-bluetooth-wireless-stereo-nfc-headphones-with-3-5mm-rechargeable-battery-and-built-in-microphone-for-mobile-phones-iphone-ipad-laptops-foldable