Acase Superleggera PRO Double Layer Protection Sport White/Black case for iPhone 5/5s

Acase Superleggera with help of two layers of protection offers more than average safety and fascinating style together. One of winning point about the coverage is that it looks more delicate than other high secure cases like otterbox defensive series. The layout is made in the way that can protect your iphone from heavy dropping situations and injuries. In fact the inner layers will take of covering the parts and outer layer will do the protecting. It will also sit on the phone conveniently. Simply we can say the high rated sleek and appropriate shield has all in one:

  1.  It has a gentle and pretty design;
  2. It is highly secure and
  3. It covers all sensitive part of the phone entirely.
Acase iPhone 5s Case _ iPhone 5 case - Superleggera PRO Dual Layer Protection case (Sport White_Black)