Belkin Grip Max Gray & Blue Case for iPhone 5-5S

Belkin is credited for making simple and top quality covers; and this max grip protection is also not a difference. Do you want a case with minimal style and weight to give you rewarding safety for your phone? Are you hunting for a design with clean cutouts to allow easy docking and charging? Do you enjoy comfortable touch and feel? it seems the high grip cover can meet all of these targets and says a “big yes” to all.

Belkin Grip Max Case _ Cover for iPhone 5 and 5S (Gray _ Blue)

Style and texture:
the skin is simply gorgeous, it has two different textures to give optimum grip and safety at the same time. the back and edges areas has a soft pad-like feel and the lip area are from hard materials to give a better protection for screen.

Normally what we don’t expect from a thin cover is “high safety”, but the Belkin shield incredibly is also doing great in protection against major accidents like falling etc. and the reason is that style and material are working fine together. Access to all ports is also effortless.

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