Belkin LEGO cover for iPhone 5 and 5S yellow red

Belkin LEGO Case _ Shield for iPhone 5 and 5S (Yellow _ Red)

Legos are just fun to play and and imagine if we can dress up our iphone with those amusing patterns. it is actually a cool idea and Belkin which is good at building quality covers with simple and classy look, this time has done a good job to take this concept to style. Because there are so many people who appreciate legos and this case actually can get their interest. So let’s see as a matter of different features how is this fancy looking coverage:

Design and feel:
From the front view the cover seems like a normal skin, but as you turn it back you will see the same lego patterns which are made with rubberized materials. The cool thing is you can even stick your legos to the back part of the skin and somehow make some shapes for fun. As a matter of colors the case is benefit from three joyful shades: red on edges of the front part, a narrow strip of yellow on edges of the back part and finally the back side which has the Lego patter is cute blue.

Fit and shape
Since Belkin – as we said earlier- knows how to make slim-fitter skins, This is not an exception and most of feedbacks verify that the design will match with iphon5/5s properly and feels comfy in hands

Coverage and protection value
Layers are made of rubberized materials that can absorb different hits. The shield is strong and your iPhone seems secured with it.

Overall: the Lego cover is a perfect solution for those who enjoy logos and feel the difference.