Belkin Shield Pastel Orange Case for iPhone 5 and 5S

The Belkin pastel cover is very lively in style and tints. The back skin is delightfully roofed by painting patterns dynamic colors like: orange, red, grey, and green. But the dominant color is vivid orange which makes the whole even more sweet. So if you are fan a painting and artistic styles this might be a suitable pick that can make you feel fresh.

Belkin Shield Pastel Case _ Cover for iPhone 5 and 5S (Orange)
Protection and safety: this showy cover will cover the phone with thin and protective layers which can support a regular security to the phone. So if can handle it with more care you can use this appealing solution for longer period of time.
Fit and grip: the slim layers will match the phone’s body with no trouble; and due to the fine materials The surface has a moderate grab to be not slippery in hands.

This decorative and jazzy shield, with those wavy and modern patterns which reflect movement and energy, is right for any person who is charmed by happy colors and fresh styles.

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