Best card cases for iphone5/5s

card cases are very handy particularly if you prefer to not carry your wallet when you go out for shopping or your work. good card cases for iphone 5 are really a beneficial alternative for wallet,  simply because they either protect your phone or hold your business cards, id cards etc.


so here is a pick of the best rated options as below:

Incipio Stashback for white/ Turquoise card case for iPhone 5 

The incipio card case is nice in design and color. The compact and minimal style lets you to put your essential cards in it with no extra bulk space. This relatively affordable card case has almost everything like protectors for the front and back, cleaning cloths, etc.

Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 5 - Obsidian Black - Obsidian Black-
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it is very solid and if you drop your phone it can secure the phone body from getting any damage. It means no scratch!

The other good thing is you can quickly gain access to the charging slot and quickly take the phone in and out. You can also conveniently click the buttons to control volume, and place the phone to sleep. that is pretty nice fresh style. So with this case you don’t need to have further wallet anymore!

Speck  SmartFlex Black Card Case for iPhone 5 & 5S

Speck is well-known for its candyshell line and always delivers quality iphone cases which are also among best selling covers. The speck cardflex case is also has many thing to deliver.

Speck Products SmartFlex Card Case for iPhone 5 & 5S - Retail Packaging - Black- Cell Phones & Accessories
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The first positive point is the flex concept. This flexible design lets the cover to dress the phone very easily and also can be taken off with no trouble. The frame around can give additional protection and security when the phone drop off from the face to the ground. Other useful advantage is that your cards and money will be hold safely. These card cases are available in classic simple colors like Black, grey, purple, and red. This option is probably one the best rated among our list.

COD IMPRESSION Slim Dual black Pocket Case Cover for iPhone 5/5s

COD IMPRESSION case is a very realistic concept which makes it similar to a leather wallet.  it is thin with minimal style; and doesn’t put in a lot of volume to the phone.

COD(TM) IMPRESSION Slim Dual Pocket Case Cover for New Apple iPhone 5 Apple iPhone 5S (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon) (Black-Red) [Doesn't fit iPhone 4- iPhone 4S]- Cell Phones & Accessories
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The bezel around is very smooth and helps make it very convenient in hand. You can safely hold all your necessary cards inside the holder. The price is under $5 and costumer friendly.










Aduro Shell Holster Combo Case for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S

Aduro combo case is one of the most chosen card cases out there. This is because it has all good things everybody seeking for. The feel of the case is very comfortable. The surface of the case body is bumpy and unpolished which makes a good touch in hand.   Due to the grains on the surface the grip is also rubbery and sticky enough.

Aduro Shell Holster Combo Case for Apple iPhone 5
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The overall sense of the case is very simple and light, it seems you are having the phone itself without bulk.

The kickstand on the behind of the case is very convenient, it’s able to  stay stable in both portrait and landscape situation. The phone is more than stable enough on it, no matter if set straight in portrait posture.

CM4 iPhone Wallet Q Card Black Case for Apple iPhone 5/5S

This is another example of great choice for iphone 5 card case, it can hold up to 3 cards with little bulk and also quickly you can put the phone in-out the phone.

CM4 iPhone Wallet Q Card Case for Apple iPhone 5-5S - Black Onyx- Cell Phones & Accessories
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specially if you dress a white iphone 5/5s with one of these CM4 cases you will find out how colors match perfectly together and looks great on it.

It slightly gives any bulk up the phone. you can easily put a couple of cards and cash in the pocket part and you don’t have to concern yourself with they slipping out.

EYN Turquoise Case for Iphone 5 with Built-in Storage Space for Credit Cards/id/money

if you are looking for a card case to hold up 4 cards this a good option.anyway the case provide more volume than other cases provide in this list. so you it may not convenient to put it in your pocket, but the case has a good grip and can give a good secure to the phone

Turquoise Case for Iphone 5 with Built-in Storage Space for Credit Cards-id-money, By EYN (Everything You Need)- Cell Phones & Accessories
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eForCity Leather Black wallet Case for iPhone 5 / 5S

this case is available in various colors like white, sky blue, purple, hot pink, orange.

the eforcity card case can keep your important cards and of course protect your phone as well. it can hold up to 8 very thin cards (like business cards) and 1 id card or 3 credit cards. so it can be a good replacement for your wallet.

eForCity Snap-on Case Cover with Card Holder Compatible with Apple® iPhone® 5 - 5S, Black- Cell Phones & Accessories
CREDIT: amazon

the design is thin and sleek with a good protection functionality.

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