Best Crystal clear iphone 5/5s cases and covers

People are getting more enthusiastic about clear iphone cases and there are some simple reasons for that: The first one – which I am sure you can easily guess – is that people really want just a protection with minimum style, weight, and volume. in fact, the main idea of transparent covers is exactly to meet this expectation. The second one is related to style: clear cases will give more sleek effect to the phone and make it more chic. But not all of clear shields can deliver a rewarding crystal clear result.

Because building materials are really significant. Here we would like to list the best selections that have a beneficial ranking.

1- Ringke Fusion Advanced Shock Absorption Clear Back Cover Bumper for iPhone 5S/5

Ringke Fusion Premium Shock Absorption Clear Back Hybrid Case Bumper for iPhone 5S_5

Hybrid solution: the Ringke case is a very well made skin which can gives pleasing crystal clear effect. Interesting thing about this is that the back side has made of clear layers but the bezel area is black, and that is why we can say this is a hybrid protection. so from the distance it seems more like a bumper case. This is cool because with choosing a proper bezel color you will be able to give a minor fashion to your iphone5s.

Customize your style: Yes! You can make it more exciting. Other useful feature is that you can include picture, graphic or sketch to the backside. In fact there is place on back that make it possible to insert extra patterns. In this way you will simply able to add your ideal style to your protection.

Design: the layout is basic and trendy which can show the iphone5s style perfectly.

Protection: this is a very thin case that can securely protect the iphone from different accidents. more info…

2-Spigen AIR CUSHION shield Apple iPhone 5S / 5 Case

AIR CUSHION Spigen Apple iPhone 5S _ 5 Case Crystal Clear

Thin and protective: normally finding a slim cover which can give a high defense is not simple. But the spigen case is the one: this is very clear and slim shield that can protect the phone from drops and getting scrapes.

Design: this is a full clear case which can show the whole design and elegance of iphone. The glossy effect is really clean and help the phone to stand out itself more. more info

3-ApexGears Crystal Clear Hard Sturdy Snap-On clear Case for iPhone 5

Crystal Clear Hard Durable Snap-On Transparent Case Skin Cover for iPhone 5 5G 5th

Transparent and defensive: if you are looking for a see through cover which can securely defend your iphone this would be another proper choice. The protective level is over average and can support the phone defending from serious injuries especially chafes and falls. It will also match the phone with no trouble.

Long-lasting alternative: the skin layers will keep their clearness for long period of time.

No added thickness and weight: the protection is really simple which will not add any extra style and mass to the iphone.

4-Yousave Accessories iPhone 5S Case Clear Silicone Gel Cover

YOU SAVE ACCESSORIES iPhone 5S Case Clear Silicone Gel Cover

Design & feel: the transparent protection has fulfilling clarity and can display the elegance of the iphone. All holes for ports are cleanly cut and all keys are easily accessible to perform.

Defensive degree: the case has made of resistant materials that help the layout to defend the phone against possible incidents more info

5-Diztronic High shine clear Frosted Matte inside Flexible Case for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S

Diztronic High Gloss Clear (Frosted Matte Inside) Flexible TPU Case for Apple iPhone 5 _ 5S

Sparkly transparent skin: in case you want to put a bit glimmer to your phone, you might want to look at this alternative. The cover takes the attractiveness of 5s into more radiant feel.

Good fit and protection with minor volume: the rubberized protection is simple to install and take out. The layers are from tough materials which can support high protection without adding much fullness to the phone

6-JETech® Shock-Absorption Bumper and Anti-Scratch Clear Back for iPhone 5/5S

JETech® Apple iPhone 5_5S Case Bumper Shock-Absorption Bumper and Anti-Scratch Clear Back for iPhone 5_5S (Blue)

Design and feel:if you want to find out another suited example for quality hybrid case “JETech bumper transparent cover” is the one. this is a very low profile protection that is made of soft silicon materials to give good safety in different situations. The color on the bumper parts is really bright and iphones will look good with them.

Add your style: Yes you can also choose any graphic or cool picture, cut it to match with back cover dimensions, simply insert under the skin and…bingo! You will have a new style of your favorite.

Protection: in site of very thin layers, the skin can give a performing security for 5/5s and will protect it from normal drops and hits.

All-in one quality package: ultra light and thin, affordable price, and over average protection result; all of these good aspect make this clear cover to please everyone.

7-Caseology iPhone 5 Series Transparent Hybrid Bumper Case with Shock Absorbent Protective Bumper and Scratch Resistant Clear Back Cover

Caseology Apple iPhone 5_5S [Premium Fusion Series
Thin layout with good safety results: Caseology fusion protection has a nice looking and slim style which will give rated clear result. The bumper tints are very unique and energetic which can match with all 5s types. Port places are well sliced and will give soft access to all keys. On the bezel areas the design will slightly stands up to give more safety for the screen and defend it from possible scratches.

Lightweight and slim: the case will suit the phone flawlessly with minimum weight and sizing to give a softer experience in hand.

8-KoDsign Bare Series Clear Soft Gel Case for iPhone 5 & 5S

KoDsign Bare Series Clear Soft Gel Case for iPhone 5 & 5S

Style and feel: KoDsign gel case is another option that will give very pleasing clear effects and will show all attractions and styling features of 5s naturally. The skin layers are crafted from soft silicon materials that will provide comfortable touch.

Protection: due to quality materials and correct styling, the defense level is still high rated about this very thin cover. So we can rank it as one more choice that has all everyone that needs “just in one package”.

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