Black i-Blason iPhone 6 Heavy Duty case

This i-Blason case is finished with over standard materials to hold up high shelter for iphone 6. Based on various customers’ feedbacks, this tough case is still light weight and not that bulky as other high protective models. It is made with several layers of caring to absorb high amount of outside shocks. But it is still flexible for connecting ports. One of unique features of this i-Blason is having a built-in screen protector. So you don’t need to worry about attaching by yourself. Based on report, this screen protector looks not that thick to protect the screen.


Is this i-Blason case bulky?

It depends, if you consider it as a high protective cover, compare with other similar cases, it is not.

Does this case protect the iphone 6 in major fall accidents?

Yes, it totally is a tough dress that can does the job nicely.

i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 Case 4.7 inch Armorbox [Dual Layer]-black