Blue i-Blason iPhone 6 Heavy Duty case

If you are using the exclusive iphone 6, the importance of super defensive clothing means a lot for you. Especially it has cost you a lot. i-Blason high protective cover is using a new defending solution named dotted layout that allows maximum protection. The case takes advantage of several layers to soak up heavy drops. Reviews come from buyers shows that there are many good ratings associated to this case. One of unique features that draws attention is the case includes a built-in screen protector which allows the full protection even in the face. So if you want your iphone 6 will be ultimately protected, this cover makes it possible.

Is this case also matches iphone 6 nicely?

Yes, it fits iphone 6 great, even the built-in screen protector places in the right place

Does this i-blaston cover add weight and bulk on iphone 6?

Yes, the shield is obviously bulky, but the design still looks good.

[Heavy Duty] i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 Case 4_7 inch-blue

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