CaseCrown Navy Blue Monaco Stripes Snap On Case for Apple iPhone 5 \ 5s

If you would like to give your iphone5 a new spirit, the CaseCrown Monaco Stripes coverage can be a proper solution. The design is made of one piece, so it is very simple to wear and take out the cover. The texture is quite soft to touch have in hands. Having said that the shield can only deliver basic protection and it doesn’t seem to keep the phone fully safe from severe damages. Also the matte finish is not that long-lasting and may lose its softness during times. But the good part is the case can add a refreshing and delicate feel to any iphone5/5s.

CaseCrown Monaco Stripes Snap On Case (Navy Blue) for Apple iPhone 5 _ 5s


  1. Cool and happy skin tones
  2. Regular safety
  3. Feels soft in hands