Champagne Gold Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 6 Protective skin cover

This Spigen Neo fusion iPhone 6 Protective skin is a reasonable attractive case that offers some upbeats. The layout design looks slight enough to preserve the unique figure of the phone. So it does not look chunky and fat in appear. Other good point that is worth to talk about is having a silky touch experience in hand. It means that if you have it in hand, it gives you sense of comfort and ease.

Is this fusion Spigen cover any protective regardless of being thin?

Yes, the skins and layers benefits from tough materials and new design in interior parts that keeps the phone safe from drops.

Is there any other cool feature on this cover?

The shield is lint free, so it does not draw fabric hairs.

Does the case provide a good grip as well?

The Back Surface is ended with texture layer to prevent to be slimy.

img credit: amazon
img credit: amazon