Champagne Gold/Hot Pink elago S5 Glide Case for iPhone 5/5S

The Elago s5 glide combo case is suitable for people who opt for giving their iPhones alluring color blends and trusted defense. Combination of pink and gold is a good match and looks harmonic to eyes. This can also be an elegant gift hint if you are thinking about making your loved ones happy.

The idea behind elago glide series is to make installing process easier. The cover is made of two parts: the bigger part (gold) which feels hard and the smaller part (pink) which is from soft materials. This part is elastic so you can easily take the phone inside the case



What are the main pluses on the elago s5 glide cover?

  • Pretty looking visual appeal
  • Easy mounting process
  • Best for giving it as a present
  • Above average security
  • Soft feeling touch experience
  • The cover entirely goes over the phone from all sides to give better protection
  • No additional fullness adds with the case on


Is there any the minuses on this cover?

The only downside about this case is that is the lower part can’t close firmly and may the phone slip off the case in some conditions.

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image : amazon
image : amazon