Coal OtterBox Reflex Series iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S Case

Otterbox Relex coal case is a new answer to please those who are seeking a slim case that also can bring expected safety. This case is well-made and looks solid. There are rooted slips on the sides to give improved grip in hands. The case on the Back is semi-transparent, so it still can show some of your iphone style. The shell is thin with a trusty quality, so no need to worry about getting issue for fingerprint scanner usage. So if you want a compact cover that also can keep your iphone protected from some drop injuries or the external beat, this is for you.

What are the main positive on the flex otterbox cases?

  • Solid and low profile outer look
  • It doesn’t add extra thickness to the phone
  • It can provide normal and satisfying safety

What are the main negatives on the flex otterbox cases?

The case has slide style for installation, it is actually for making the setting up easier, but with sliding the phone into case several times you may see some trace of scrapes on the sides.