Crystal clear LUVVITT® CLEARVIEW armor iPhone 6 Bumper Case

Crystal clear LUVVITT iPhone 6 Bumper Case is one of the best rated see-through cases on the hand, but why? The first reason is the case is really transparent so that lets everybody see the beauty of the phone and looks as if there is no case. Other motive is the cover has a bumper design. In fact, the edge’s layout includes thicker skin that can provide added safety. And back area is clear enough to show the logo and other details. So it is a combo of soft and hard case that brings other benefits as well. The soft and rubbery sides provide a rewarding hold experience and hard back cover avoids the possible scratches.

[Scratch Resistant] i-Blason __Clear__ [Halo Series] Apple iPhone 6 4_7 inch Hybrid Bumper Case Cover (Clear)