Crystal Clear LUVVITT® iPhone 6 Bumper Case

When you want to choose a naked case, the main question is if the case has a spotless bare look or not. This LUVVITT naked case look like has a positive answer here, because reviews show that most of costumer are really satisfied by the quality of material used and the overall external appear. The other optimistic about this clear cover is having a customize option for more design. It means that you can add your favored image on the back of the case. so if you are interested to show your talent, this cover makes it possible for you.

Is this cover providing a satisfying protection?

Yes, especially on the edges this bumper clear cover holds tough materials to look after the side areas

Is this case for you?

If you don’t like to have a tough and thick case, and more on having a case that look likes a no case, this customizable bumper naked cover seems as an preference you can think about.

LUVVITT® [CLEARVIEW] iPhone 6 -clear