Dodger Blue Spigen Slim Armor S Case for iPhone 5/5S

The spigen blue thin armor case shows a vigorous and sporty feel. The color is vibrant enough to reflect the sense of energy and movement. If you are one of those who prefer to keep your iphone in pocket, you should really think about the thin spigen armor case. The reason is that this case is slender enough to not add extra heaviness and volume to the phone, so it feels more like a naked phone.

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Double material layout puts forward more manner and functionality: the spigen thin case demonstrates two dissimilar feels: the jazzy blue back cover which is made with hard materials comes with black rubbers. This rubber black parts also form the interior skin to boost up the guard.

This case is a mixture of up to standard Protection with current design concept.

This case is best for all those who want to dress up their phone with protective and classy solution. >> more info…

photo credit: amazon
photo credit: amazon