Elago S5 Glide Case for iPhone 5/5S – Soft Feeling Coconut white

The elgo s5 glide white protection in many ways is what everybody is looking for. The design is one of them. With a very first look, you will simply like the minimalism and pleasant appearance of the case. Cutouts are accurately cut and in the way that prevent shadow effect while taking pictures.

One of other useful positives is that you can simply plug your external device to your iphone without completely removing the case. This is because the case layout in bottom is bendable and so the ports will be accessible in a second.

Lowest amount of thickness: this cover adds just about 3mm bulkiness to iphone5/5s, so if you like slim case

Protection in all sides: this shield warps all edges of the phone, and can defend it from various injuries.

What we think: if you are in search of a stylish case with really good functionality, this case is a very fitting solution.

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photo credit : amazon
photo credit : amazon


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i have this case for 3 months and here is my feedback

the things i like:

1-stylish looking and soft feeling
2-fits my iphone 5s nicely
3-this a minimalistic case that adds no bulkiness

i have not dropped it so far so i don’t know how protective it is …pleased so far!

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