ESR the Beat Series Polka Dots idea Hard Clear Back Snap on Case for 5 / 5s

If you prefer having a case to show your phone’s style and also delight in polka dot patterns this view polka dot case is really a beneficial alternative. So you will have a protection that covers your phone with a see-through layer that also has some nice white circle patterns. so no matter if you have a gold, silver or white 5s, this will meet them all in a good way.

Is it sleek? Yes! it is really thin and also light with a good grip

 Is it protective? based on customer comments it can really get the job done and shield the 5s from different impacts.

 who is this for? This innovative skin with a modern look can connect with anyone who doesn’t miss a chance to try out a new idea. more info…



credit : amazon
credit : amazon


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