Fosmon DURA Pink Polka Dot Pattern Case for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S

Fosmon polka dot cover is just adorable and very girl-friendly. The back side is covered by big circle white dots in a soft and appealing pink background. The overall look is a cute protection that is very suitable for gift. On the front, a narrow strip of pink covers the phone’s edges. Particularly if you have a white iphone 5/5s those soft pink borders will make the phone just more enchanting.

Fosmon DURA Series Polka Dot Design Case for Apple iPhone 5 _ 5S (Pink)
credit: amazon

Protection: since it is more for females, we don’t expect so much protection. This sounds right, because ladies are usually watchful about their accessories. The good thing is the price. Yes! It is not pricey (around 4$) So you can buy more of that and just enjoy the case.

Fosmon polka dot case is best for those who want consider a suitable gift for their girl or young wives.

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  1. This polka dot cover is simple and easy to install. It is gorgeous, I bought it for my wife and she is happy with it so far!!

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