Gold LUVVITT® ULTRA ARMOR iPhone 6 Double Layer Case

Gold LUVVITT® super protective cover  is one of those cases that come with many constructive features. First class look and striking outer design are the initial things that grab the attention. The case goes with iphone 6 with no issue and fits without a flaw.

Unlike most cases like Spigen neo hybrid case, this case allows enough space for headphone jack. So if you are one of those that use different headphones, this case makes you pleased.

The plastic materials used are not so rubbery, so it gives both of pleasing grip and safe protection. The skin layers are thin enough to contain additional bulk and weight.

Also there is extra edge around the front to supply more shield for the face and screen area.

Overall: the case provides plenty of good marks everyone is looking for: nice-looking layout, snug fit, allowing good rooms for all keys and ports, lightweight, pleasing touch experience and also reasonable price.

LUVVITT® ULTRA ARMOR iPhone 6 Case-gold