Gold TPU Bastex strong Hybrid Rugged Case for iPhone 5, 5s

Bastex gold skin cover is a right preference for anyone who is seeking a tough and classy protection for 5/5s. Just like other high defending solutions, the case is obviously bulky and that is how it can provide high guard to the phone.

So this hard shell cover seems to be durable and also really shielding. It means that if you in the habit of dropping your phone, this tough cover seem to be a good solution.

On the back cover there is a circle cutout for apple’s logo which is apparently gives a particular look to the design. All keys and ports are also easy to get to.

On the whole, this gold hard defense is a high value and protective case and it can meet up your prospect if really wish for a durable and strong shield for you phone. More info… 

photo credit : amazon
photo credit : amazon