Gunmetal Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 6

The first thing likeable about Spigen Neo Hybrid Gunmetal cover is gorgeous external look. The skin follows the lines and arcs of the iphone 6. It looks soft, but the surface is not slick. The reason is textures on rear ovoid the phone to sneak out of hand during usage. It gives more feel of secure when you have it in hand. The other positive thing is about the level of protection. Can we call it protective? It is made with two-layers of skins, which is mix of hard and semi rubbery materials to give more security against outside hits, even various falls.

Does this case add much amount of bulk on the phone?

No, this Hybrid Case is very thin and light weight.

Does this case soak up textile hairs on the pocket?

No, the materials used are magnet free.


This spigen dual feel cover is best for all those require a thin case that can offers a good amount of protection.

image : amzon
image : amzon