iPhone 5 / ipod dock , Philips DS3205 Charging Speaker with Lightning Dock

If you are fan of fashionable looking designs, The Philips iPhone dock proves you to like it. IPhone 5 is a chic piece of tech and you need to fit it with something is pleasing to the eye. Right?

So you can put it somewhere in your room as a decoration object as well. But the next question is if this Philips DS3205 charging speaker can also deliver a good job in offering a first-rate sound.

The good news is the device also sounds good enough to make average users happy. It can give clear sounds from lowest to maximum volume without distraction.

Overall it is a solid minimal speaker dock for your iphone 5 and ipod.

Is it compatible with all iphones and ipods?

No, it is only well-matched with iphone 5 and latest ipods with lightening connectors.

Philips DS3205 Charging Speaker Dock for iPhone 5_iPod with Lightning Dock