iPhone 6 Case, Hundromi(TM) 3d Handmade Clear Bling Four Leaf Clover cover

If you want to have a  cunning skin for your iPhone 6, this Hundromi Four Leaf Clover cover is a right pick. The cool thing is you can also see the color of the phone, because this a transparent cover.

CONS: it is a hard plastic budget case, so it does not exist for a long time: the case may break easily ot stones falls

TIPS: use this case as decoration and fun when you are going out with your friends, and enjoy many good comments.

OVERALL:  this case is just for look and not durability or protection.

four leaf  iPhone 6 Case, Hundromi TM  3d Handmade Clear Bling Flower Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Skin Case Cover for iPhone 6 4.7 inch Screen - Crystal iPhone 6 Case  Cell Phones  amp; Accessories