iPhone 6 Case Spigen Neo Protective Hybrid Gunmetal

In case you are thinking about an appealing dress for your iphone 6 that can also has a slight profile. This Spigen neo hybrid cover is the alternative. One of good thing about this case is a smart and simple design that can gives a new look that follows the same curves and lines of an iphone 6. But there is one minus related to this Spigen case that many reports are confirming. The issue is the volume key and mute button are uncomfortable to use. So if you use these keys often, may this case in not right for you.

Q: Does this case go well with iphone 6?

A: Yes, the case is two parts which make the setting up easy and fit iphone 6 with no trouble.

Q: how to install the case correctly?

A: at first you need to insert the body part and then simply put the frame piece on it.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 6 (4_7-Inch) - Gunmetal