Metal Pink SPIGEN iPhone 5 Bumper Protection Case

If you are planning to get a very minimal shield that only looks after the sides and angles of your iphone, this spigen bumper case can do the job well. It saves all edges from harms and shocks. Also this slim cover lets the phone to show its original brilliance and charisma.

Using the blend of hard and soft building materials is a handy feature: one of positive things about this case is that it is a double feel bumper. The inside skin is soft and flexible which make the installation more convenient. Also it helps the bumper to sit pleasingly on the phone and fits properly. The outer skin is hard and strong to boost the protection.

Sparkling pink finish is eye-catching and girly: what makes the bumper to show its glory is fresh metallic finish that can take any attention. (more pink stylish options)

credit : amazon
credit : amazon

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