Pink Amplim Precision CNC Aluminum iPhone 5/5S Case

The Amplim Precision pink cover has a pleasing glossy metal finish. This case is right for anyone who prefer alloy feel rather than plastic and rubbery ones. It is well-finished and durable. The pink cover is giving charm and durability at the same time. Simply this good looking case can make any iphone 5/5s protected and also furnishes a soft sparkling pink to it. (see similar amplim pink cases)

Body and protection: the external skin is ended with aluminum alloy which has sleek finish. Aluminum is a very light weight metal, so it will not add noticeable heaviness to the phone. The other benefit of using aluminum is for giving added safety to keep the phone safe from outside shocks.

Internal skin design is well turned-out: the inner piece is silicon and available in black and white color. This part will cover the keys and edges and will give additional protection for the display and sides. The other benefit of this elastic skin is that it makes the fitting easier for users.

This striking cover is a fitting option for young women and all those who enjoy covering their iphone with a stylish pink protecting case.  

photo credit : amazon
photo credit : amazon

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