Pink i-Blason iPhone 6 Heavy Duty case

If you want red protective dress for your iphone 6, this i-blaston shield is a good option. The reason is the case offering a tough and protective layout that is still looking pleasant to eyes. One of good points is the multi layer case is lightweight and does not add much bulk on the phone. Other positive is its price. The cost comparing to similar protective case is really a bargain. It also comes with built-in screen protective which make everything easy for covering up the phone screen.

What is the best feature of this i-blaston tough case?

It is tough, sturdy, functional but still nice-looking and not so bulky.

How about the buttons? Do they remain accessible?

Yes, the key areas are responsive and easy to press with this cover. more info…

pink i-Blason iPhone 6 Heavy Duty case

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