Pink iHome iP4PZ FM 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Boombox

Pink iHome iP4PZ dock has a cute-looking design can easily grab every girl’s attention. Most girls are in love with pink staffs with cool design. And the speaker dock has it ll. It is an inspiration of classic boombox style in form of modern design. The exterior is made of soft quality materials that give a smooth feel in hand. You can have it for long time with you, because the Speaker Dock is not heavy at all. Also the package includes an arm strap for better carrying experience. But if you want to use the strap, there is a handlebar on the deck for additional convenience. How about sound quality? Does this cute dock sound good? Yes, the sound quality is really filling and crystal clear. All sound levels from lows to highs can be delivered sufficiently by the dock.

Is this device also compatible with iphone 5?

No, but as a solution you need to use a 30 pin adaptor for docking iphone 5 to this device.

Overall, Pink iHome iP4PZ is one of the most adorable radio speaker dock you can consider as a gift. >>more info…

iHome iP4PZ FM 30-Pin iPod_iPhone Speaker Dock Boombox (Pink)