RED SKIRT LADY iPhone 6 CLEAR Case, Hundromi TM Cover for Iphone 6

RED SKIRT LADY iPhone 6 CLEAR Hundromi TM is all playful and attractive: Having a lady in red figure on the back of your iPhone 6.

If you want to get many compliments from your friends, this cute cover is right there for you.

This clear case shoes off your iPhone style clearly as well, so combination of the lady figure and the iPhone seems like a very attractive concept.

Attention: This case is more of a decoration cover for temporary usage like a party or event. and does not provide major drop protections.


RED SKIRT  iPhone 6 Case, Hundromi TM  Plastic Case Cover for Iphone 6 Henna Full Mandala Floral Dream Catcher  For iPhone 6 4.7 inch Screen   Cell Phones  amp; Accessories