Smooth white Spigen Slim Fit Thin Case for iPhone 5-5S

Spigen Slim fit white case brings smallest amount of weight, bulkiness and mode to your iphone. The rear part feels really smooth because it is made of brushed aluminum. This simply gives a very chic look to the design.

There is a question that we normally ask when see a very thin and stylish cover: does this expect to protect my iphone as well? Happily the answer is “YES” about this spigen slender case. Due to functional layout and the efficient materials that are used for this cover, it can capably protect iphone 5/5s from getting scuffs and hits.

Plugging and accessing will not be easier than this: the case layout is in the way that top and down parts are naked so there is no need to take off the phone while docking or charging.

Pleasant firm fit and can be detached without difficulty: this slim spigen cases will go with iphone5/5s nicely and removing the case is also trouble-free.
If you are seeking a minimal stylish case which is also properly shielding,  you may not find better.

Photo credit : amazon
Photo credit : amazon