Snugg Ultra Thin Clear Case iPhone 5 / 5S

Snugg Ultra Thin Clear Case  is one of the options that worth to consider in many ways. As a design it has a unique layout that is very handy. On the top and bottom, the case is unwrapped. This means that you will not get any issues during plugging the phone to any external device or charger. On the other hand the case looks more stylish on the phone and somehow it will bring a fresh appearance to it.

Skins are soft to touch: due to using special material, the surface of the cover is smooth and gives pleasing touch experience in hand, so the phone is more comfy to grip.

Protective level is regular: the case is able to care for your phone in normal injures. Simply it means that this is not a high protective case (see ultra defensive options.) in fact, we don’t imagine so much defend from a slim cover.

One extra positive thing is the case has added edges in all sides of the front face, so the screen will be sheltered while facing down the phone.

Overall: if you are looking for a fitting clear case for your 5/5s this is one of good alternatives that you may think about.

photo credit : amazon
photo credit : amazon