Speck CandyShell FrostyFriends festival Glossy Case

If you want to wrap your phone with a childish and pleasurable feel, this speck polished cover is a “must try pick”. The main color is lovely baby blue which goes darker on keys and outline areas. But what makes this shield even more charming is a funny graphic of two snowmen on the back. They are so adorable and in a very first look will make you smile. Don’t you think so?

Speck Products CandyShell Holiday Glossy Case for iPhone 5 & 5S

Protection and safety:
speck is mostly good at making defensive solutions and this case also benefits from combination of two layers: one outer hard shell for intense hits and one soft rubber skin for additional safety and better fit. “Easy to mount and remove” is also another good thing about this nice-looking cover.

Ideal for:
This childish looking protection is best for all those who enjoy cover up their iphone with charm and mildness of babyhood.