Speck candyshell glossy case for iphone 4/4s-One of great features about these speck case series is that despite being glossy they are not slippery and create a good grip. They have different look and colors to cover various tastes.

Their simple design and gentle color combination can be a nice dress for any iphone. Of course,

Not all of color combos in this line are the same as popularity; in below we just listed the most favorited ones. Enjoy!

Speck Products CandyShell Glossy Case for iPhone 4/4S – black/ Dark Grey

The new Speck polished case is really gorgeous. The black case with grey silicone with a simple and classic look is very handsome and May be much more stylish looking than any other case.

This is a one piece case; the silicone and hard shell are formed together. To shield your iPhone, just push it into the case. It fits cozily and feels safe and firm. This case hits a sense of balance that is between safety and usability.

This case is can be your favorite. The CandyShell Glossy  speck Case is the revised version that has a larger gap for the camera so that the flash doesn’t reflect the edge of the case and mess up the picture. Price: 13$

Speck Products CandyShell Glossy Case for iPhone 4 4S -  BlackDark Grey

Speck Products CandyShell Glossy Case for iPhone 4/4S – Black/Peacock

This color combination is actually the most fashionable and best rated in this list.  The Black/Peacock case, with bluish silicon, gives a typical sporty look to iphone and makes it even more attractive. Generally you completely lose the design appeal of an iPhone by placing it within a case, but this one looks gives an original cover.

With this CandyShell Glossy Case Your phone is very well protected without the huge bulk. What you want more from a case: protection, grip, design, fair price and pleasing color: this case has all in one! Price: 9$

Speck Products CandyShell Glossy Case for iPhone 4 4S -  Black Peacock

Speck Products CandyShell Glossy Case for iPhone 4/4S – White/Charcoal

The Speck  canyshell glossy iphone 4 case  feels fairly good in hand and the color blend is very nice to the eyes. You can simply access to all buttons with no issues. This glossy case like other ones in this line delivers a good grip, nice design and perfect fit, if you want to carry your phone in pocket it is ideal, because the design is so compact and minimalistic. The other good thing about this case is that it is budget-friendly. Price: 10$

Speck Products CandyShell Glossy Case for iPhone 4 4S - WhiteCharcoal

Speck SnakeBite Green CandyShell Glossy Case for iPhone 4/4S

If you enjoy covering your iphone with a minty vibrant green and fresh look, this is the option you can count on. It’s actually unique and just right for every season.  This case provides for good protection and daily use. The Speck case is smooth and fits iPhone 4s perfectly without interfering or friction on the edges of screen protector. If you want a case that covers every possible surface on the sides of the phone this might be a good option to consider.price: 11$

Speck SnakeBite Green (TealBlack) CandyShell Glossy Case  iPhone 4 4S

overall: Speck candyshell glossy iphone 4 case base on sleek design, nice color blend, cozy fit, and fair price may be a very recommendable case for all taste.More info…