Sport Yellow elago S5 Breathe Case for iPhone 5/5S

elago S5 Breathe yellow shell cover is a very thin perforated texture that will furnish iphone 5/5s with a vigorous and vibrant skin. What is new in breathe series? Well… the layout here is punctured and dotted, this is helpful especially when you have this case in hand for long time, because the holes helps better air circulation and prevent hands to get wet because of sweating. The other positive of this kind of design is offering better grasp and avoiding the case to slide from hands.

The layout is slender and still protective enough to support the case in unusual falls and hits.

This chic breath yellow case is best for who used to hold their phone for longer time in hands without worrying about sweating and slipping.  more info…

credit: amazon
credit: amazon

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  1. This case does not give scores of safety, but it provides the phone a good and slick look. And that is why I decided to buy it from amazon.

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