top 6 Red iphone 5/5s cases

Red iphone 5/5s cases are eye-catching and mostly desired by young teenagers. Especially if you have a white iphone 5 /5s, a hot red cover can make it more fresh and energetic. There are numerous types of red covers that are different depending on color blend of red with other colors, material used and level of safety. The listing below is a quick choose of iphone 5 cases with high customer demand. All of them are hot selling and well-rated.
MYBAT IPHONE5 red Case for iPhone 5
The case can cover your iphone 5 with a awesome red and black color. Actually the black parts give a sporty look to the case. One of the good advantage of MYBAT cases is that they are offered in many color blends and cost-effective price, so you can pick your preferred colors.

MYBAT IPHONE5HPCTUFFSO006NP Premium TUFF Case for iPhone 5
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Radius Hole for apple logo makes the logo to be more stand out and somehow 3d feel. the design, color, and material are acceptable about this case.
Rating: 4 out of 5

elago S5 Slim Fit 2 Extreme Hot Red Case for iPhone 5/5S
if you need a normal protection with a pleasant slim design and simple red skin, the elago cover is what you should think about. it is very compact and You can barley feel the extra weight and skin. There are uneven surface on the back so taking the phone in and out of your pocket will be easier. The look of the case is high grade and distinct. It is also available in many color choices.

elago S5 Outfit MATRIX Aluminum and Polycarbonate Dual Case for the iPhone 5-5S
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eForCity Clear Red Raindrop Hard Case iPhone 5
this is Gorgeous phone cover. The combination of gradient grey and red with rain drop effect gives a very cool and fresh look to the case. This is very good option if you want to think about it as a gift. This phone cover also provides a rewarding fit and protection

eForCity Clear Red Waterdrop Raindrop Hard Case Compatible with Apple® iPhone® 5
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rooCASE Fuse Red Shell Snap-On Case for iPhone 5S 5
this a a different well-looking skin in our list. It has more grey with red bezel. Also the red color lines comes around all holes and joint areas which have an overall simple and attractive result to the phone. The feel is sport and attractive for everyone is looking for a fresh idea.

rooCASE Fuse (Frost - Red) Shell Snap-On Case for Apple iPhone 5S 5
CREDIT: amazon

Silicone Rubber Sole Vans RED with White Side Waffle Case Cover for iPhone 5
If you are one of those waffle fans, so this case has it all for you. The red back cover has a nice waffle texture with white bezel. The over sense is eye-catching and great idea for present. The fit and safety is pleasing about this skin.

iPhone 5 Silicone Rubber Sole Vans RED with White Side Waffle Case Cover for iPhone 5
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Eagle Cell red Slim and Soft Skin Case for iPhone 5
The eagle cover has a pretty pink red with simple look and no further styling. It is very affordable (around $1). the skin has a good grip and easy to put in and out. The overall simplicity and fresh look make this cover to be one of those well-liked red cases with good rating.

Eagle Cell SCIPHONE5S03 Barely There Slim and Soft Skin Case for iPhone 5
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