Transparent Clear Black iPhone 6 Case, Maxboost® HyperPro iPhone 6 Case

Transparent Clear Maxboost® HyperPro iPhone 6 Case is one of best pick for all those who are searching a case with no addional bulk or thickness.

The look is sold and neat.

The black bumper wraps around the handset which gives a good protection.

The back is clear, so the style of the phone will show off.

The combination of bumper and clear back gives a modern look the phone.

It fits calmly in your pocket with no trouble.

This is a recommended option if want protection and slight at the same time.

iPhone 6 Case, Maxboost® [HyperPro Series  iPhone 6  4.7  Case Dual Layer [Lifetime Warranty  Shock-Absorbing TPU case with dual-layer strengthened bumper case, Matte Soft Anti-Scratch Finish, Zero Dust-Attraction fo