white elago S5 Breathe hard Case for iPhone 5/5S

White elago S5 Breathe shield Case benefits from modern texture and surface design called breathe. This design idea helps the cover do better drying and freshening hands during having the phone. Also the dotted surface puts in more style and prettiness to the overall look.

How about protection? Is this delicate looking cover can protect phone from a range of accidents like scratches, falls and hits? The answer is YES…in fact, the hard skin case is heavy-duty and defensive as well.

Cut-outs: All port holes are also precise and look clean. They are in the way that prevent ghost effects during taking shots.

The white breathe case is proper for anyone who is on the lookout for simple and well-dressed cover that has protective design which prevents sweating during using the phone in longer periods. So if your hands used to get wet easily this solution might be valuable for you. (see more white 5/5s options and alternatives)

credit : amazon
credit : amazon