speck iphone 5 covers

Speck always creates fresh concepts which echo high grade protection. Most of speck solutions are best selling and have rewarding feedbacks. the main winning point in speck designs is that they are sleek and protective at the same time.

As a matter of color, most of speck cases are A mix of two colors that have a good romance together and reflect harmony. They are not usually mono-color as Belkin iphone 5 cases, but still look classic and exquisite.

The second positive point about speck cases is that they are offered in different lines. In fact, each line is exclusively specified for different level of grip, protection, fit and touch. So everyone can pick its preferred one.

here are a brief listing of these collections:

 Candyshell Grip: this series are for better grip and different feel in hand, also the raised textures with geometrical alignment are really eye-catching.

Pixelskin: pixel-like textured skins in this series are ideal for final safety and high protection which also can give a new feel

Candyshell: this a basic line which can bring standard defend, gripness, and and look

Candyshell Flip Dockable: the specially made for all those who want to easily install and remove the case from their phone.


Speck PixelSkin HD Rubberized Blue Case for iPhone 5 & 5S

Design and Feel For choosing a quality protection, one of the main things that people usually ask for is “the softness and quality of touch in hand and also the level of gripness”. In fact, there are many options that can give a powerful protection to the phone but they don’t feel pleasing in hand. […]Read More »

Speck CandyShell FrostyFriends festival Glossy Case

If you want to wrap your phone with a childish and pleasurable feel, this speck polished cover is a “must try pick”. The main color is lovely baby blue which goes darker on keys and outline areas. But what makes this shield even more charming is a funny graphic of two snowmen on the back. […]Read More »

Speck CandyShell Holiday Glossy BeBaubled Case for iPhone 5 & 5S

The BeBaubled protection has an entertaining concept but still seems plain and trendy. The holiday cover is coved with dark blue which has splash of light blue in bezel and button areas. Also in the bottom part, there are cute graphics of festival decoration objects and this is what makes this fun shield different from […]Read More »

Speck Blue PixelSkin HD Rubberized Case for iPhone 5

positive aspects and good things Speck The control buttons all come to sense very reactive plex skin pattern give the cover more grip efficiency fit is very tight the soft touch on this Rubberized Case finish is wonderful and clean the PixelSkin cover senses smooth in the hand and gives good grip and safety this […]Read More »

Speck FabShell FreshBloom Coral Pink/Black Fabric-Covered Case for iPhone 5

Good Things this pink black pattern case gives a pretty textile and trendy sense to the your iphone The case also stays above the display on the edges so in case you fall your iPhone on its display, the fabric cover can take up all of the impact the fabric design helps make iPhone even […]Read More »

Speck SmartFlex Black Card Case for iPhone 5

  The Good It appears to be thinner than the usual CandyShell Card covers. Case has a awesome frame around the screen Cards glide in very quickly If you are searching for an Identity case and you want one that can carry 3 to 4 cards, this is your best choice   The Bad In […]Read More »

Speck CandyShell white black Grip Case for iPhone 5

pluses it has a awesome thin shape. the elegant cover is a amazing combination of soft feel and stability really gives safety from nearly everything other than water. the rubber gives a good side. the candyshell case is a ideal merge of a smooth inner layer, and hard plastic formed on top of that. It […]Read More »

Speck CandyShell Flip Case for iPhone 5 White-Grey-Peacock fresh Blue

positive aspects attractive color blends with premium look slim with no extra bulk and thickness it can protect you phone in most of dropping the case can also protect the phone from scrape and impacts down sides somewhat costly but it worth it the rubber started coming off soon after only working with it for […]Read More »

Speck CandyShell Flip grey black Case for iPhone 5

This Nice case is truly gives you a good quality that you want. the premium black with nice grey strips gives a good color combination and elegant look. when you take it in hand you can feel the good and premium quality which can dress your iphone5 nicely. owing to the flipping structure you can […]Read More »

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